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 RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE

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PostSubject: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   Thu May 28, 2009 11:04 pm

Hey everyone, as many of you from IF~ know, I used to be pretty good at Halo. I wrote up this huge guide to everything you need to know to get better over several weeks in the old clan. Take your time going through it, you don't have to read the whole thing at once. Everyone who wants to get good at Halo should read this, especially anyone with very little experience, as you can learn the things it took me 3 years to learn in about 15 minutes here.

Here goes:


Ok, basically this is cut and paste from the old site, so nothing new sorry. I am planning on writing more, but i just got back from vacation and have nothing in the works.

But anyway, here it is, preserved for new members of IF who will never see the original website:

A very important part of a clan in my view is to improve each other. By posting strategies and recomendations, we can improve each other more quickly.

My personal recommendations for improvment: (im a SOF nub but definitly NOT a Halo nub i have over 3 years exp.)

1) Play Halo! (obviously most important)
- Play on a server where other good players are!
- Play different types of games, FFA and team

2) Discuss It!
- I spend tons of time talking with friends about Halo. Just arguing with a friend about wether a rocket launcher is better than a fuel rod improves your knowledge and skill. (for sure more than you think now!)

3) Watch Videos!!!!
-Go on youtube! Watching youtube videos like montages of awesome plays has improved my ability a TON. Just seeing 1st person how snipers get headshots or exterminate the other team is very helpful. It can also reveal some cool ways to get around maps! (I have a lot of cool things like this, i plan 2 post some screenshot based diagrams when i get the chance.)


I decided to do a little guide on something that is EXTREMELY important in Halo: pistol slinging. The pistol is an excellent weapon (only 3 shots to kill AND automatic AND 2x scope???), and with a little practice even noobs can cut down a veteran in Halo if they have good tactics. Some basics on pistol slinging:

1) MOST IMPORTANT: all of u noobs out there are probably wondering: why the @#$%! are my shots not hiting this guy? Because you probably aren't leading him right. If a person is walking in a straight line perpendicular to you, you have to put about an inch of lead on him. That way all the shots will hit. It may take a shot or two to get it right, but once you do he will be in a world of hurt, considering that even body shots only take 5 shots to kill.

2) Better targeting- This is simple: 3 shots to kill? 5 shots to kill? Hmmmm..... ill take 3. Once added to the above tactic number one, headshoting an opponent for the all powerful 3 shot is easy! Just keep the reticule at head level at all times!

3) Surviving! Ok another for sure sign of a noob. When you are fighting, move! This is very important with pistol on pistol because 1 second still could end up with you dead. The movement must be side to side and RANDOM. If you move in only one direction, it will be easy to three shot you. Mix it up with a long and short strafes. Also (i dont do this enuff, sadly) throw in a crouch. If you do this, i could save your skin! One split second, random crouch is almost garunteed to throw even a hardened pro of the mark. That single missed shot is all you need. After only half a second, stand back up and continue to strafe.

4) Reloading- this is difficult. Reloading takes time, but if you dont have a full clip when you see someone, you could run out of ammo and give them the precious 2 seconds of unpressured time they need to kill you. Here is what I recomend.
- The pistol has 12 shots. It takes no more than 5 hits to kill. To aquire the target takes about two. you will miss about 3 shots if they dodge. So: It takes ten shots to kill someone without a head shot.
- Reload then, whenever you have less than ten and are resonably safe.
- Reload when you know what is going on. If you have just shot 3-4 shots at someone, you probably arent aware of what else is happening. look around to make sure you are safe first.
- Use common sense. If you have just killed someone and have only 4 shots left and can cover easy, you should reload. But if you are in this situation and you see an enemy hit by a grenade, DONT! It will only take one head shot to kill him.

SOF- RøGü£¬


This is probably the most versetile weapon out there. Kills from 200 meters are easy. P4WNING from 2 feet is a snap. But only if you know how to use it. Yes. The sniper.

The sniper is probably them most difficult weapon to wield effectively. But when mastered, it produces better results than any other weapon. This installment is all about how you can pwn with the sniper, without taking 2 1/2 years of noobing with it like me to get it right. Here are my major tips:

1) MOST IMPORTANT!!! This is basically the same as the pistol. You MUST lead a moving target! The same noob remark is made about the sniper: "I cant hit this @#$%! guy!" Because you are not leading him. On a 2x and 8x scope, you will need about the same lead as the pistol, about 1 inch on your screen. Also as with the pistol, keep the reticule about level with the opponent's head to get a chance at a head shot.

2) Something that I even had to tell Zombie yesterday. (srry zombie, i had to use you...) DOOOON'T JUMP!!!!!!!! Jumping is a great way to throw off an opponent in a close range battle, but NOT in a sniper battle. An experienced sniper will have you dead (or at least mortally wounded) before you reach the ground.

3) Close range sniper tips: you still need to lead your opponent a bit if he is straffing, but this shouldnt be a big problem. I recomend that if you are very close, try a shot wack. This will kill someone even with full health and shield. A quick, random side step will also help you a lot in close range engagments

4) Reloading: Keep 4 shots in at all times. Even if you only shot once, the sniper reloads very quickly. This can be achieved by carefully timing a melee attack during the reloading animation. Right when the animation reaches the point where the new mag is inserted, melee. This cuts off precious time.

-ALWAYS take at least 2 rapid shots at an opponent. I know you think it will be a head shot. Do it anyway. I can't count how many times I have taken a good shot at someone and moved on, thinking I had scored a for sure headshot, only to find myself dead when they retaliated after being hit, but not lethaly, once.
-Exploit stupid hog drivers! Or rather, punish thier gunners. When a hog is coming, try to take cover and let it pass. When it does, try to catch it with it moving straight away from you. If the gunner is pointed away from you, this can be an easy shot on the gunner. One shot is enough. Your comrades will finish him easily.

-SOF- RøGü£¬


In any game, especially CTF, the warthog is instrumental. Its versetality allows it to take on almost any role. It is far more important than the scorpion or banshee. Why? because half the maps you play on will have only hogs. The hog has several attributes that make it good for everything:
1) Speed. Whole lot faster than walkin, right?
2) Sapacious Passenger acomidations! Carrying three people makes it a powerhouse.
3) Armament. That turret kills everything, and fast.

So, the hog rocks. Heres how you can rock even more withh it:

1) Control. Try not to go over small hills while turning, or go up a hill diagonally. This often will result in fliping, and fliping often results in you=dead.

2) Jumps. When you go over a small hill, just go off straight. Anything bigger (read: one you go aaahhhh! when you go off. Or at least hold your breath.) and you need something more advanced. The spin. The spin keeps the hog level and prevents nose planting. Even if the nose plant does not flip your hog, the few seconds it takes before the hog begins moving again could be all the time an opponent needs to gun you down. To spin: Wait until you are about half a hog length away from the ledge (at full speed). Then rapidly spin your cursor about 90 degrees left. This should give you enough spin to land anything. (provided the height is not so great that it causes you to fall from the hog)

3) Don't drive straight. You don't need an over-the-top zig-zag, but be smart. An opponent with a pistol will drop your gunner easily if you do not stay evasive.

4) Don't be selfish. If you see an enemy while driving, don't sceam straight toward him to try to run him over. Let the gunner handle it. Driving in on the enemy will probably result in the hog being grenaded, or the enemy may avoid, and the gunner will be completely off target. Instead, circle at a distance and wait until the gunner has taken him out.

5) When you are in trouble. This is most useful on bloodgulch. If you find yourself with a depleted sheild and at the brink of death, get close to the base. Circle it as close as you can get, and randomly spinn and reverse direction. This, ironically, is the safest spot on the feild for you. You are protected from enemies on top of the base, and anyone who wants to take a shot at you will have to come down. Not a good idea. That will result in their rapid smashing by the business end of your hog.

6) Intel. Before you take off from the hog spawn with your gunner, you need to know a few things.
- Gunner's name. this is important because it will let you know if he has killed an enemy or talks to you. You can't always look where he is shooting (in fact most of the time you shouldn't be able to see) so this is helpful.
- Your passenger's name. They are not as useful in terms of fighting, so they can instead call out anything that they see. (maily if they see a heavy weapon anywhere)
- Basic situation. Any enemy hogs or heavy weapons.
Knowing the names of your companions is more important in a clan match. The way to do this is whenever you load into a hog, all people inside should report byy simply pressing "h" (in vehicle chat) pressing space, then enter. This is quick and easy, but make sure everyone is inside before doing it. In a clan match, there should be a plan of who takes what spot already, but it is important after the match has started and progressed.

Thanks for reading -SOF- RøGü£¬'s PWN4ge guide. I want to say a few more things in general:
I am asking that anyone who reads the guide and has profited post in the topic i have made for it. Please post about what you like/dislike, and anything that you think I may be able to talk about in future posts. I really need your feedback!

Thanks Everybody!

-SOF- RøGü£¬


Ok, I'm sorry, but today im going to write about something that everyone hates: Botters. This word generates hate in the heart of any real halo player. I have studied bots for a while, and I know how they work and how to do what almost EVERYONE does not know. How to stop that f@#$%& from killing you. I'm going to first explain the bot and how to tell for sure it is a bot, and then I'll break down not dying when you find one.

A bot is a program that is run in the backround while playing Halo. The ubiquitous bot that you will come up against is a very simple one to operate. (trust me im sure its not simple to program, i mean simple to use.) By simply pressing and holding down shift, a player can lock onto the head of an enemy player. It is possible to lock onto a player even if they are behind a wall. The bot will track the head until shift is released. A bot cannot track a player in a vehicle. Here's how to find out if the person you are playing is a bot. Remember, do not alert them that you suspect them until you have proof.

1) These are preliminary methods:
- They seem to get a headshot kill every time.
- It seems they know where you are at all times. (more useful with less players)
- They ignore you when you drive by them, but if you get out they shoot at you.

2) Primary methods:
- Use a sight jacker. They are very simple and can be downloaded here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pg=3&fid=2032 Halomaps is very reliable do not worry about viruses.
- Start sight jacking by pressing numpad 5. Use numpad 4 and 6 to change the player. Get to the player that you want to sightjack. Then watch their reticule. If it locks onto a players head and stays there, and then suddenly warps from there to another person's head, you know for sure you have caught him. But don't scare him off yet!
- Get video proof. Tape yourself sightjacking them. THEN tell them you know they are a bot, and that you have video proof.

Now the important part. Staying alive against bots. Sometimes even if you get proof and tell them, they still won't leave the game you are in or don't stop botting. Then you can use these methods to give you an advantage:

1) Get in a vehicle. This is the easiest and most reliable way to protect yourself. But you can't always hop in a hog. So we have number 2!

2) Duck! If you are crouching, the bot program will not know. It will keep the reticule at head level. But its not head level anymore! When you do this, it will force the botter to aim manually. Get back up and continue to fight, the drop back into the crouch right away. They will be stuck between trying to use the bot and actually fighting you, and will never get a good shot.

3) If there are multiple opponents with the aimbot, use the quick strafe. I have not tested this enough to insure 100% garuntee, but so far it has proven somewhat effective. But i digress. The quick strafe is like regular strafing, but now your strafes are unanturaly short, perhaps a tenth of a second each way. You should crouch as rapidly as you can. This is MUCH more difficult to pull off, but it should help you avoid the other opponents as well as the aimbot.

Everyone who reads the guide **PLEASE** post under my topic that i have made, even just to say you like the guide! I need your feedback! ANYTHING you have to say about the guide is much apreciated, new topics you want to hear about, or whatever!

Thanks for reading!

SOF- RøGü£¬



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PostSubject: Re: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   Fri May 29, 2009 5:23 pm

I really like this guide. I've noticed that i probably did everything on this list that that tells me i'm not suppose to do. i especially like that warthog section cause I always am selfish and try to run people over when theres a gunner in the back.
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PostSubject: Re: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   Fri May 29, 2009 5:33 pm

I like the pistol stuff, it really helps
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PostSubject: Re: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   Fri May 29, 2009 10:27 pm

Hey, thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it! I spent a lot of time writing that, so im glad it helped someone. And yeah freeman,, not doing everything I say not to do will make you 10x better overnight because its a lot easier to not do something than to acquire a new skill right? That hog thing is a poignant piece of advice because nothing pisses me off more than a stupid and selfish hog driver.


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PostSubject: Re: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:53 pm

Nice guide Rogue, but didnt you post this on the IF~ site? either way it still helps ppl who dont play the game as much as us so its a 10/10 for this review lol!
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PostSubject: Re: RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE   

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RøGü£¬'s Guide to Halo PWN4GE
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