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 Disscusion Question #2

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PostSubject: Disscusion Question #2   Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:28 pm

Okay a few years from now a video game console is created that makes you go into the any video game you want! (Of course you will safely teleport out of the game when you die or quit) What video game(s) will you go inside of and why?

Okay I will most defiantly want to go in GTA 4 first cause it will be crazy fun to cause destruction through out the city and drive cool and fast cars. The second game I will go into is Fallout 3 cause I think it is awesome to explore all the cool places in the game, plus it will be awesome to use all those cool weapons (my favorite is still the fat man cause it lauches mini atomic bombs!). And the third video game I'll go into is Batman Arkham Asylum (even though it hasn't come out yet I can tell it's an awesome game from all the demos and trailers I've seen) cause I't is intense and i like seeing all of batman's crazy villains in action, especially Joker.
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Disscusion Question #2
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